A Strong Towns local conversation seeking to build a stronger Denton, one step at a time.

Through principles of resilience, incrementalism, observation, continuous adaptation, and fiscal sustainability, a stronger Denton can be affordable, thrive with community trust, encourage wealth-building entrepreneurship, and be cherished by its residents for generations to come.

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Core Principles

Economic sustainability

Ensure public infrastructure construction, maintenance, and replacement costs can be fully funded by affordable taxes by striving for a high private to public investment ratio for new development.

Compute fiscal sustainability based on the amount of tax revenue which will be received and the actual costs and future liabilities incurred, not a per capita average.

Seek to maximize value per acre. Required parking policies, zoning, and economic development decisions should aim to grow this metric.

Incremental development

Support missing middle housing in popular locations to keep housing costs affordable and reduce strain on city infrastructure.

Allow a gradual change both over time, and in throughout the neighborhood. No areas should be prevented from gradual change, and no areas should be exempt from change.

Invest where demand for incremental development exists with small-bet flexible public improvements that can adapt to the changing needs of the area.

Adaptive businesses

Encourage locally-owned businesses where the wealth generated stays local over those which siphon wealth out of the community. Help our small businesses grow into big ones by building attractive places.

Capitalize on the assets of our universities and artists to improve our economy and expand on the qualities that make Denton unique.

Encourage a business environment that is anti-fragile through techniques like allowing multiple uses of buildings and making it easier to renovate and expand existing structures.

Health and safety

Build a place people want to be. Clean air and public places contribute to health and well-being, which draw innovation and employment.

Fully support multimodal transportation and prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users over the speed of cars.

Unified communities

Seek transparency and honesty from our government leaders as we partner with them to find, refine, and implement ideas to make Denton stronger.

Support organic community networks through gatherings and build relationships between diverse demographics. These networks increase individual resiliency and improve quality of life.

Prioritize Human-scaled designs that encourage interaction over isolation by building a walkable environment.


Design automobile infrastructure to either move vehicles large distances efficiently (roads), or slow the cars and increase the number of people present to encourage economic development (streets).

Prioritize the convenience of slower and more vulnerable road users above the convenience of cars and faster methods.

Solve autocentric mobility problems by reducing demand through distributed zoning and other policies that minimize vehicle miles traveled rather than by building more roads.